Victorian environmental assessment laws failing

Arising from the environmental assessment conference I issued this media release. I commented that:

“Victorian environmental assessment is entirely dependent on guidelines, there is almost nothing in legislation”  … “Because of this, the Minister for Planning can use or ignore the guidelines to suit his needs. Other States also have disappointing laws around environmental assessment, but the fact their laws are detailed puts them one step ahead of Victoria.

“The current assessment approach has failed, the Government said so when it was elected, and the Channel Deepening Project illustrated that. But many of the mistakes that were made in that process haven’t been learnt from and are now being replicated with the North-South Pipeline and Wonthaggi Desalination Plant assessments. The fast-tracking of those projects does not respond to the causes of the delays for the Channel Deepening Project and does not recognise the positives from the process.”

The media release was picked up by The Age.

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