How does the law contribute to the protection of the environment?

I have recently finished an article for the publication Legaldate, a supplement for high school teachers and students produced by Warringal Publications. The topic was: The environment: how does the law contribute to the environment? What more can be done? The article will not be published until August 2008. However, here is the introduction by way of preview and tempter:

The law has adopted and created many different ways to achieve environmental protection and improve environmental performance. Varied environmental protection mechanisms have evolved since the 1800s when reserving land was the most common form of environmental legal protection, to today where environmental assessments, tradable permits, and financial incentives are some of the newer forms of environmental protection measures. The evolution of environmental laws has generally corresponded with a refining of our collective environmental concern and our environmental values.

Today, however, our environmental values and concerns are not entirely reflected in our environmental laws, particularly on big issues like climate change, water, and biological diversity. More needs to be done.

Post script: Here is LegalDate August 2008 with editorial colour and comments.

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