Understanding environmental conflicts

I have finished my dissertation, which is titled:

‘When environmentalists collide: understanding conflicting views and values of environmentalists to wind energy’.

You can download a pdf version from my Select Works site. By way of a tempter, here is an abstract for a paper I will draw from the dissertation.

Wind energy is one of the most contemporary land uses to produce conflict between environmentalists. Disparate groups have formed into competing coalitions in the debate on wind energy. In this paper, coalitions from Victoria, Australia and the United Kingdom have been characterised as discourse coalitions, and their views and arguments have been digested into compelling storylines. Drawing on the literature that supports the view that environmental conflicts can be explained by contrasting values, this paper uses a discourse analysis approach to identify and define the hybrid and plural values held by the actors within the wind energy discourse coalitions. Importantly for future policy development, the paper also explains how the identified values have influenced views and guided coalition actors in their participation in policy and project assessment, and suggests that an ignorance or preference for certain views and types of values hinders the policy making process.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Brad! Downloading your dissertation now…

  2. Excellent! Scored a mention in acknowledgements.

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