Speaking hatred

In 2001 I researched and wrote on the Commonwealth’s racial hatred laws introduced by the Racial Hatred Act 1995. I reported and analysed tribunal findings over the first five years of operation of the laws. One of those cases involved Stephen Hagan and his battle to have a grandstand at a Toowoomba sports ground renamed. … Continue reading Speaking hatred

Celebrities and scientists

I attended the recent Leverhulme lecture series presented by Professor Shiela Jasanoff for the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. I was very interested in the discussion about the place of the citizen and the expert in deliberative and policy processes. My own research confirms Professor Jasanoff’s thesis that scientists and governments often … Continue reading Celebrities and scientists

Wind energy and birds

So who to believe? Are wind farms the avian destroyers that some wind energy opponents would have us believe or are those claims trumped up for effect? The science and experience supports the case that the operation of most wind farms does not result in bird deaths. However, there are cases where bird strike has … Continue reading Wind energy and birds